Chemical Disclosures

Seneca Resources’ drilling practices in the East Division use only water-based drilling fluid or air when drilling through fresh water zones. During other stages of drilling, a low toxicity synthetic oil-based mud system is used once fresh water zones are protected by casing and cement.

Seneca's East Division voluntarily participates on FracFocus.org, an independent educational website created by the Ground Water Protection Council and the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission. This website provides information to help stakeholders understand the additives in the water being used for all of Seneca’s modern oil and natural gas wells in all operating locations. Seneca’s East Division also voluntarily provides this data to the PaDEP.

Seneca's West Division likewise participates in FracFocus.org, in compliance with California regulations.

Seneca’s hydraulic fracturing fluids are in full compliance with both EPA regulations and EPA’s guidance and do not contain additives with diesel carriers. The company voluntarily discontinued the practice of using diesel carriers in 2011, a year ahead of the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2012 recommendation and its final guidance issued in February 2014.

Seneca will continue to expand its green completions applications when economically viable.