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Saving with Natural Gas

You Can Save Money with Indoor Gas Appliances

You Can Save Money with Outdoor Gas Appliances

  • You Can Save Money With Outdoor Gas Appliances
    • Please click the hyperlinks below for more information on each appliance.
      • Outdoor Living with Natural Gas
      • Convenience Outlets
      • Grills
      • Patio Heaters
      • Fire Pits
      • Fireplaces
      • Gaslights & Torches
      • Pool & Spa Heaters
      • Backup Generators
        • Features
          • Natural gas backup generators are available in sizes to fit your electrical needs.
          • Auto-start capability allows the generator to start up on its own after the power fails.
          • Weatherproof enclosure allows for permanent installation and quiet operation.
        • Benefits
          • Reliable: No need to store and maintain a supply of fuel
          • Dependable: Reduced maintenance due to clean-burning natural gas engine
          • Environmentally friendly: Reduced emissions into the environment compared to other fuels
          • Safer: The American Red Cross recommends natural gas generators as a safer alternative to portable generators.
        • Operating Cost
          Generator Size
          Gas Consumption at Full Load
          Operating Cost*
          (cubic feet per hour)
          (Ccf per hour)
          (per hour)
          * Based on average residential gas cost of $0.70/Ccf (100 cubic feet)

          Current Price per Ccf × Gas Consumption = Average Operating Cost per Hour

        • Important Information
          • Please call Customer Service at 1-800-365-3234 BEFORE having a generator installed as an insufficient flow of gas to a generator may cause it or other natural gas appliances in the home to malfunction, creating an unsafe situation.
          • It is important for customers to ensure their existing natural gas line and meter are sufficient to provide the additional volume of natural gas required.
          • In some cases, a field visit will be required and if an upgrade is necessary, the customer will be responsible for the costs
          • Consult a licensed contractor or installer for proper sizing of your natural gas generator.
        • To locate a dealer who sells gas generators in New York, click here.
        • To locate a dealer who sells gas generators in Pennsylvania, click here.

Building with Natural Gas

More Ways to Save and Live Better

More Information on Converting to Natural Gas

Choosing a Heating Contractor

  • A qualified contractor should work with you to ensure that any equipment you are considering is of the correct specifications to fit your needs.
  • When choosing a heating contractor or re-modeler, you should make sure he or she is qualified and reputable. The following guidelines can help your natural gas equipment installation run smoothly. Choose a contractor who uses industry-standard calculations to take into account climate and your home's size, design and construction to ensure correct sizing and installation. Use the following checklist for selecting a contractor or re-modeler:
    • Begin by asking any friends or relatives for recommendations.
    • Request a list of references.
    • Ask any potential contractor if he or she has a current and valid license.
    • Contact your local Better Business Bureau to see if the contractor has a disproportionate number of unresolved complaints.
    • Before any work is performed, obtain a written estimate of all work to be completed including labor and materials.
    • Verify that the contractor carries proper insurance including liability and workers' compensation.
    • Make sure the contractor obtains all necessary permits to perform the work.
  • Click here to browse NY contractors.
  • Click here to browse PA contractors.

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